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Welcome to my beautiful daughter Isha's website. We are very proud of her. We call her Ice at home.

Ice is 5 years old and published her first book "Elementary Cooking: Fun ways to introduce cooking to kids" I published on Amazon.This is a great book for parents and kids who want to have a quality time together.

She participates in many activities (Swimming, Ice Skating, Ballet, and Gymnastic). Like any other kids, she enjoys playing with her friends. Her favorite toys are Friends Lego, American Girl, and solving puzzles.

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Lemonade Stand

Today I had great success raising money for Malala Fund (Girl's education). Thanks to my friends for helping me and thanks to neighbors for their generous donations. Without your love and support, this was not possible . I appreciate folks stopping by to be part of this great cause.

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August 21, 2017

First Ice Skating Award

Ice performed in 2017 Memorial Trophy at Memorial Mall, Houston. She received her first Ice skating Medal. We are extremely proud of her hard-work and dedication. She dedicates her energy and heart into her passion. Keep it up Ice!

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May 22, 2017

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Cake Pop Recipe | Valentines Day | Dessert

A special dessert for Valentines day, make it for your friends and family. Love-filled cake pops

Cake Mix or you can bake the cake from scratch
Candy Melt
Sprinkel for decorations

1. Bake the cake as per box direction. Cake shape does not matter as you will be crumbling the cake once it cool down
2. Cool down the cake for at least 30 mins
3. Crumble it
4. Mix icing. Mix little icing in one time, you just need enough so cake can hold round shape like a ball.
5. Make the balls, i like 2 inches balls
6. Melt Candies and dip the stick in candy and put it into balls. Make sure you only put stick half way through
7. Put the cake pop into freeze for 30 mins
8. Now dip the cake pop into icing. Do not rotate the cake pop. You should have enough icing so cake pop can dip into it. or take a spoon and pour the icing. Icing should be running like honey. You can add Shortening into icing if its too thick
9. Take the cake pop out and put it on a Thermocol
10. Now you can decorate it as you like. I am using heat share sprinkles

Enjoy Cake Pops.



Til and Mawa Laddu | Indian Sweet

Happy Makar Sankranti. Happy Pongal.

Today I am sharing Til (Seasme Seeds) and Mawa Laddu Recipe. Its an easy sweet that mostly is made in North India during Makar Sankranti festival. This is really healthy for cold weather so enjoy and do not forget to like and comment.


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Elementry Cooking

Author: Ice Venkatesh

Let me introduce ice. She is a five-year old very happy girl. She love sharing things with a big a heart and a great smile. Ice has a passion for cooking healthy and yummy recipes.


She participates in many activities besides going to school (Westside Montessori School). She love to interact with people. enjoys making new friends. She dedicates her time in dancing ballet. iceskating. and taking golf lessons.


Like any other girls. she loves American Girl doll . so much so she named her doll 'Shaisha'. You can meet her doll also in her cooking video.


She wants to share her favorite recipes with friends. So she has selected top-ten recipes for this book. I hope you all enjoy and these recipes adds flavor to your parties. Don't forget to check out her YouTube channel: icepani.




Ice at 2016 American Girl Fashion Show - Ashlyn Doll

Ice at 2016 Grand Finale! American Girl Fashion Show dressed up as WellieWishers "Ashlyn Doll" Welcome to the American Girl Fashion Show Don't Miss Our Grand Finale Show! It’s UNBELIEVABLE but after 22 years American Girl will no longer be hosting American Girl Fashion Shows! Join HITS Theatre as it hosts the GRAND FINALE of the American Girl Fashion Show this November 5th & 6th, 2016 at the incredible Junior League of Houston!

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March 3, 2017

Ice's Interview with

It is such an honer to see my 6 year old daughter's interview at "Kidpreneurs" along with talented Young Entrepreneurs all over the world. Isha Pani (Ice to her family and friends) is six years old. Like most kids, she loves playing with her friends, dressing up American Girl dolls, and solving puzzles. Ice is a swimmer, ice skater, ballerina, and gymnast. She’s also a YouTuber and the author of the cookbook Elementary Cooking: Fun Ways to Introduce Cooking to Kids.

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March 1, 2017

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