About icepani

Welcome to my beautiful daughter Isha's website. We are very proud of her. We call her Ice at home.

Ice is a 2016-2017 "Top 20 Texas State Winner at National American Miss" beauty pageant.

Ice is 5 years old and published her first book "Elementary Cooking: Fun ways to introduce cooking to kids" I published on Amazon.This is a great book for parents and kids who want to have a quality time together.

Ice is a bundle of joy that spreads happiness wherever she goes. She is always ready to help others, whether it's helping in house, helping her little brother or her friends. The day Ice was born, she got first compliment from her nurse (She is very cute). From that day till now, we have heard this compliment many-many times. We are proud to be her parents.

She is beautiful from her heart, shehas acquired so many skills in such a short time. She is a quick learner (in her words she is the smartest). She is a very cute and affectionate.

She participates in many activities (Swimming, Ice Skating, Ballet, and Gymnastic). Like any other kids, she enjoys playing with her friends. Her favorite toys are Friends Lego, American Girl, and solving puzzles.