Ice's Interview with

It is such an honer to see my 6 year old daughter's interview at "Kidpreneurs" along with talented Young Entrepreneurs all over the world.

Isha Pani (Ice to her family and friends) is six years old. Like most kids, she loves playing with her friends, dressing up American Girl dolls, and solving puzzles. Ice is a swimmer, ice skater, ballerina, and gymnast. She's also a YouTuber and the author of the cookbook Elementary Cooking: Fun Ways to Introduce Cooking to Kids.


Ice is incredibly talented, but she's not so different from any other six-year-old—she just turns her bright ideas into reality with the help of her family. We were fortunate to interview Ice about her cookbook, her YouTube channel, and her dreams for the future.

Here is my full interview: Kidpreneurs link

March 1, 2017

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